Vision to "Convert sunlight captured by plant tissue

to bio-methan with less energy and maximized output"


Design & development of sustainable comprehensive biogas projects

The strategy of Agrofora is as consulting firm to partner up with private and public clients to implement sustainable and comprehensive biogas technology and networks connecting rural and urbane areas.


We provide expertise that span a variety of fields from feasibility study, risk assessment, fundraising, project design and implementation. We help our partners identify opportunities, overcome their challenges and transform their ideas and plans into viable and efficient use of bioenergy.



Biogas Economy and Fundraising


Initial fundraising from local, regional, national and international private and public funds

Biogas value estimation from generation of electricity, heat, nutrition’s, certificates and CO2 reduction

Cash flow schemes and revenue mapping

Independent investments counselling in biogas setup and infrastructure


Biogas Risk

Secure deliverance of biogas

Enable a coherent steady biogas sale

Key risk evaluation and risk management

Mitigation plans to secure return on investment


Sustainability of Biogas

Calculation of Carbon footprint reduction by biogas

Estimation of the potential recycling volume of nitrogen and phosphor (NP) by fermentation

How to balance surplus of wind electricity by upgrading CO2 to CH4

Design of how to implement biogas plants gently in the landscape

Potential number of new jobs generated by biogas projects

Strategic planning to substitute fossil fuel with biogas and other renewables


Biogas Plant


Project management of biogas plant implementation: Idea, tender, production

Initial scheme generation with stakeholder and framework mapping

Organizing biogas plant ownership, stakeholder involvement and daily staffing conditions

Design of biogas plant to be aligned with biomass resources, heat contribution & biogas consumption

Aligning biomass supply with biomass potential, farm structure and biogas plant site

Optimizing biomass mixture to maximize fermentation and secure biogas production

Cost reduction by utilization of non-value crops, wastes, degraded fodder, etc.

Estimation of potential nutrient production, reduced N leaching and increased crop yield

Due-diligence of biogas plants: Central, de-central or both


Biogas Infrastructure

Development, project management and implementation of rural and urban biogas infrastructure

Design of comprehensive biogas integration within existing energy infrastructure

Implementation of biogas grid infrastructure to minimize transportation

Utilization of co-generated heat by biogas electricity generation

Conversion of biogas by upgrade to natural gas for transportation and conventional consumption

Due-diligence of biogas infrastructure: Biogas grid, biomass transport or both


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